Five zines to look out for at Zine Bazaar this weekend!

This weekend, Gaysi is curating Zine Bazaar, a celebration of art, identity and literature with 50+ creators from all over the country bringing together their zines, merch and more! Team Qitaab is super stoked to be attending the event on the 1st and 2nd of September at G5A, Mahalaxmi.  Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for a lot of exciting insight from exhibitors, workshops, talks and panel discussions which we will be posting on our instagram @qitaabzine!

In anticipation of the event, we have put together a list of five zine makers who will be displaying their zines about queer and gender identities and we can’t wait to finally see their work, strike up conversations and find out more!

Priyanka Paul- @artwhoring

Priyanka will be displaying poetry, comic and art zines at the Zine Bazaar. The themes in their works include heartbreak, sexuality, menstruation and a zine they recently created for Kerala.


Debsmita Das- @delicatefuckingflowers

‘Off The Track’ by Debsmita is a graphic novel detailing the failing of heteronormativity, not only towards the queer community but towards everyone. Their work will also navigate the anxieties of making unconventional relationship choices through ordinary conversations and finding personal successes other than just marriage and social approval.  ‘All Aboard The Heteronormativity Express’ is an offshoot zine that navigates the idea through pop culture imagery and parody.


Kruttika Susarla- @kruttika

Kruttika will be displaying three zines at the Zine Bazaar, one of which is centred on how identities communicate with personal spaces. Their work deals with how sexuality, feelings and objects of desire culminate in forming our identities in our most intimate and personal moments. Apart from zines. Kruttika will also be showcasing art prints, badges, postcards and individual art pieces all themed around identity and personal space.


Sleaze- @sleazethemeans

Sleaze is an interactive and wholesome zine centred around the body. Their aim is to promote nourishing interaction between their users and their identities related to gender, sex, and health. Sleaze works on the same lines as a workbook- it is simple, personal and interactive.


Kadak Collective- @kadakcollective

The Kadak Collective is a collective of kickass South Asian women who are proactively tackling, exploring and challenging the body, sexuality, gender and mental health through their different styles of graphic storytelling.


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